Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and uncertain as a parent?

Do you long to bring up happy, well-adjusted kids while nurturing your own personal growth?

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The Brain-Based Parenting Academy, Europe's foremost authority in parenting education, is here to guide you on an extraordinary transformational journey.

What is it about?

Our program offers a unique experience of understanding a healthy mind and connecting practical steps step-by-step to understand your patterns, psyche, and relationships.

You will gain a comprehensive insight into the perspective that integrates the psyche and relationships, science-based foundations that draw from all areas of research to understand human change.

Who is the founder?

Our founders, Mojca Stonič and Tjaša Kočevar, have been working within the framework for many years, educating both children and adults. With their concept, they have behind them thousands of individuals and families who have found a new, more successful path in their lives.

Why you must attend?

By attending our academy, you will understand why it is so important to understand where your patterns and beliefs come from and how to mediate and not lead forward, through education to your children. You will learn how to practically process cases from your everyday life, both with children and with others who take away your energy and good will.

We recommend the academy to everyone, even those who are not parents, as it is the foundation of understanding how we work in relationships, partners, with children, colleagues, friends, and parents.

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Join us for a life-altering experience!

During our exclusive three-day Parenting Academy, we'll challenge conventional wisdom and empower you with cutting-edge knowledge and practical tools. Designed to revolutionize your family dynamics, our academy has gained a reputation for setting trends and leading the way in progressive parenting practices.

1. day: Friday

On Friday, we’ll unlock the art of setting boundaries for your children. We’ll unravel the concept that a free child thrives within well-defined limits. Unfortunately, many parents struggle to establish healthy boundaries or resort to approaches that are counterproductive.

Fear not!

We’ll equip you with the essential skills to set boundaries that foster growth while steering clear of punishment and unconscious humiliation. We’ll delve into the nuances between clear limits and penalties, and discover the significant role of praise in nurturing healthy children. Together, we’ll grasp the emotional impact our actions have on our children and learn to act in ways that leave no lasting scars.

Our ultimate goal?

To help you raise a resilient, successful, and confident child. And the key lies in understanding yourself and your patterns as a parent.

Through this academy, you’ll learn why it’s crucial to understand where our patterns and beliefs come from and how they affect our relationships. We’ll meditate and reflect on how to move beyond our patterns and beliefs to become more effective parents and partners.

We’ll also explore how our emotional triggers can cause us to act in ways that we later regret. This can damage our relationships with the people we love the most. We’ll examine some real-life cases from your everyday life, both with your children and with others who take away your energy and goodwill. By the end of the academy, you’ll have a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships.

2. day: Saturday

On Saturday we’ll kick things off by diving deep into the question, “Why are we, or are we not, confident parents?”.

During our captivating lecture and academy, we’ll explore the patterns and beliefs that shape our parenting styles. Understanding the roots of our behavior is crucial for building strong relationships, not only with our children but also with our partners, colleagues, and friends.

Prepare to uncover the power of self-awareness as we delve into the origins of our patterns and beliefs. Together, we’ll learn how to transcend these limitations and become more effective parents and partners. Let’s navigate through the maze of emotional triggers that can lead us astray in our relationships. We’ll examine real-life cases, both with our children and those who drain our energy, shedding light on how to forge healthier connections. By the end of our academy, you’ll have gained a profound understanding of yourself and the dynamics of your relationships.

3. day: Sunday

On Sunday, we’ll conclude our program by delving into practical cases straight from your own homes. You’ll gain the ability to identify your ego state while parenting and develop essential skills for setting boundaries and teaching your child to respect them.

Throughout our transformative program, we’ll rely on scientifically-grounded principles that integrate the complexities of the psyche and relationships. Brace yourself for a paradigm shift as you unlock new perspectives and improve all your relationships—not just with your children, but also with partners, superiors, colleagues, and parents.

By the end of this life-changing experience, you’ll possess a unique understanding of a healthy mind, connecting practical steps with profound insights into your patterns and psyche. You’ll emerge with a comprehensive grasp of the intricate relationship between the psyche.

“Attending the Parenting Academy led by Tjaša Kočevar and Mojca Stonič was a life-changing experience for me. As a single parent, I often felt overwhelmed and unsure of my parenting decisions. However, the academy provided me with the tools and knowledge I needed to become a more confident and effective parent. The educators’ warmth and compassion made the learning environment safe and supportive. I’m truly grateful for this transformative experience.”

Jessica Martinez, 35

“Tjaša Kočevar and Mojca Stonič are incredible educators who led the Parenting Academy with great expertise and enthusiasm. Their deep understanding of child psychology and behavior management was evident in every session. I particularly appreciated their sessions on setting boundaries and managing sibling conflicts. The academy provided a nurturing space for parents to learn and grow together. It was a worthwhile investment of time and money.”

Daniel Carter, 45

“The Parenting Academy with Tjaša Kočevar and Mojca Stonič was an invaluable experience for me as a new mother. Their guidance and support were instrumental in helping me navigate the early years of parenthood. I particularly enjoyed their sessions on early childhood development and fostering a nurturing environment. The academy provided a perfect balance of theory and practical tips. I highly recommend it to all parents seeking to enhance their parenting skills.”

Samantha Adams, 31

Gain Deep Insights into Your Child's World

At the Brain-Based Parenting Academy, we understand that being a parent is both rewarding and challenging. Our transformative curriculum goes beyond traditional parenting approaches. It empowers you to break free from outdated patterns and beliefs, unveiling your true potential as a confident and resilient parent.

Transform Yourself and Your Parenting Approach!

At the Brain-Based Parenting Academy, we understand that being a parent is both rewarding and challenging.

Our transformative curriculum goes beyond traditional parenting approaches. It empowers you to break free from outdated patterns and beliefs, unveiling your true potential as a confident and resilient parent.


Elevate Your Parenting Skills

Imagine effortlessly handling challenging situations with grace and confidence. Whether it's navigating a supermarket tantrum, supporting your teenager's emotional well-being, or forging deeper connections with your children, our academy equips you with practical strategies and techniques.

These invaluable tools will enable you to navigate the parenting journey with ease and create harmonious family dynamics.

Are you ready to embark on this amazing journey? To unlock your full parenting potential, enroll in the Brain-Based Parenting Academy without delay. Spaces are limited for our forthcoming program, scheduled for September 29th, 30th, and October 1st, at the prestigious Hotel Chaco in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

29th Sep

04pm - 07pm

Why are we or are we not confident parents?

In the lecture and workshop, we will deepen our understanding of the functioning of our patterns and beliefs and their influence on the upbringing of our children.

Understanding why we act in relationships the way we do is the foundation of good relationships. All of them. With children, parents, colleagues, partners.

We recommend the workshop to everyone, even those who are not parents, as it is the foundation of understanding how we work in relationships,any; partners, with children, colleagues, friends, parents.

30th Sep

10am - 1am


A free child has clearly defined boundaries

The problem in today’s education is that boundaries are not clearly set or not set at all for children. The art of education is to clearly set boundaries for the child. Many times to we exchange for punishment.

Raising a free child to be successful, healthy and confident requires knowledge of parenting. You will understand what it means to set a healthy boundary, but what is unconscious humiliation and punishment, which in growing up leads to compensations, addictions, aggression, constipation vase, …

Only children who have emotionally stable parents can be raised well, and only children who have healthy boundaries can be free children and gain healthy self-esteem.

30th Sep

15pm - 18pm


SEAT! and YES!

SEAT– permission to express emotions and YES!– clearly learn to set a limit, andallow to express an emotion.

Why is it important to allow ourselves to express an emotion and what are the consequences if we don’t.

01st Oct

11am - 2pm


Practical part

Practical part on concrete ones cases from your homes. Learning to recognize the ego state I am in when raising my child. When I set boundaries, when I teach him boundaries,…

Questions – answers.

With the desire to bring a healthy approach to parenting as close as possible to parents through self-understanding, during the three-day meeting you will gain:

Choose Your Path to Parenting Excellence​

Full Access

  • Experience all three days of the Parenting Academy.
  • General admission to all sessions and workshops.
  • Access to digital course materials and resources.
  • Receive a prestigious certificate of completion.
  • Plus, receive a bonus copy of “The Brilliant Manual for Raising Brilliant Children,” written in English by educators Mojca Stonič and Tjaša Kočevar! 

Enrolling in our program not only grants you access to the transformative Parenting Academy, but also provides you with a valuable resource to enhance your parenting journey. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to gain knowledge and receive a fantastic book to support your parenting endeavors!

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The Brain-Based Parenting Academy will be rocking out in the Slovenian language. But fear not, because we’ve got an incredible surprise in store for you!  We’ll be equipping you with super-cool headphones that offer live simultaneous translation throughout the entire program. So, you can groove to the beats of knowledge and participate in every exhilarating moment, no matter which language you speak. It’s time to tune in, turn up the excitement, and embrace the multilingual magic of the academy.

Invest in Yourself and Your Children's Future

Enrolling in our program is an investment in the future of your child and your own development as a parent. We have no doubt that our course will provide you with the information, supplies, and motivation you need to establish a solid, devoted relationship with your child.

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