Are you tired of the endless methods and principles of education that do not work for your children?

Brain Based Parenting Academy

invites you to an experiential three-day academy on re-educating your patterns in connection with establishing a new, healthy upbringing for your children.

November 2023
Scottsdale, Arizona

What you will learn in this academy?

Do you want to establish a healthy upbringing for your children based on facts and knowledge about motor and cognitive development, instead of punishments, humiliation, pampering, psychological and physical abuse?

At the Brain Based Parenting Academy, we understand the importance of education to help your child grow into an independent, autonomous, and healthy emotional personality. 

Our academy will teach you how to adopt a perspective on education and a change in your way of thinking to gain concrete answers and solutions to the questions and problems you face.


Clear and respecting principles

Our education works on clear and human-respecting principles and examples that focus on awareness, empathy, and understanding of human psychology  through neuroscience and psychotherapy.


Unique experience

Our program offers a unique experience of understanding a healthy mind and connecting practical steps step-by-step to understand your patterns, psyche, and relationships. 


Science-based foundations

You will gain a comprehensive insight into the perspective that integrates the psyche and relationships, science-based foundations that draw from all areas of research to understand human change.


Educating children and adults

Our founders, Mojca Stonič and Tjaša Kočevar, have been working within the framework for many years, educating both children and adults. 


Raising awereness od child development

The Academy was founded with the aim of bringing to everyone a more optimal insight into the functioning of people in connection with education.



Leaders in the field in Europe

Brain Based Parenting Academy is one of the leaders in the field of education and healthy human development in Europe.


04pm - 07pm

Why are we or are we not confident parents?

We recommend the workshop to everyone, even those who are not parents, as it is the foundation of understanding how we work in relationships,any; partners, with children, colleagues, friends, parents.


10am - 1am


A free child has clearly defined boundaries

Only children who have emotionally stable parents can be raised well, and only children who have healthy boundaries can be free children and gain healthy self-esteem.


15pm - 18pm


SEAT! and YES!

SEAT– permission to express emotions and YES!– clearly learn to set a limit, andallow to express an emotion.

Why is it important to allow ourselves to express an emotion and what are the consequences if we don’t.


11am - 2pm


Practical part

With the desire to bring a healthy approach to parenting as close as possible to parents through self-understanding, during the three-day meeting you will gain:

“I recently attended the 3-day Parenting Academy led by Tjaša Kočevar and Mojca Stonič, and it was truly enlightening. The educators’ expertise and passion for their work were evident throughout the sessions. I especially appreciated their insights on raising emotionally resilient children. The academy provided practical strategies that I can implement in my everyday life as a parent. Highly recommended!”

Emily Thompson, 32

I had the pleasure of attending the Parenting Academy with Tjaša Kočevar and Mojca Stonič, and it was a game-changer for me. As a father of three, I thought I knew a lot about parenting, but their guidance and expertise opened my eyes to new perspectives. The workshops were interactive and engaging, and I found their emphasis on positive discipline techniques particularly valuable. I left the academy feeling more confident and equipped to handle the challenges of parenthood.

Michael Johnson, 40

Attending the 3-day Parenting Academy with Tjaša Kočevar and Mojca Stonič was a fantastic experience. They created a supportive and inclusive environment where parents could freely share their concerns and experiences. The educators provided practical advice tailored to the different ages and stages of child development. I gained valuable insights into effective communication and building strong parent-child relationships. I highly recommend this academy to parents of all ages.”

Lisa Adams, 28

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